- New Species Discovered: Frometeor!

Posted on 28th February, 2024 by Donny Sutherland

It was a quiet night at HQ. The crickets were chirping and the nightly birds were keeping us awake with their enchanting melodies. In the midst of this peaceful tranquil we were all startled by a single large thud, which sounded as if it came from nearby.

The few of us that were brave enough decided to investigate. From a distance we could see what appeared to be a pulsing glow in the middle of an open field just outside of the HQ. As we eased closer however, we could see that there was a small rock-like object emitting the light. At the time we had no idea what it could be, and we stood there in amazement as the rock began to crack open and out came a little frog!

As he hopped away from the rock, and towards us, the markings on his back glowed and pulsed just like the rock itself. It was immediately obvious what this was. The rock was clearly a meteor that had fallen from space, but where had this little frog come from!? Had he come from another planet, and traveled here on the meteor? Only time could tell, but for the time-being we had decided to call him Frometeor!

Another Special Little Frog!

All of the frogs that join us at HQ are special, but Frometeor is the creation of one of our players Wunderkind. You can see Wunderkind's original design and many others over on the Join The Family section of the website here. Here's Wunderkind's original design:


Come Play! is a fun, casual & competitive online game that you can play in your web browser and on your mobile. Play with thousands of players from all over the world, all competing to be the biggest and baddest frog in the bog!


  • global leaderboards, along with your own personal "friends" leaderboard. Add an compete against your friends!
  • play online with hundreds of players, with NO LAG!
  • easy & rewarding gameplay with deep meta-game. Play casually whenever you want, or master the game to become the best! Earn daily rewards from completing quests.
  • unlock loads of beautiful frogs. New frogs are added regularly!

Play in your web browser!

Let us know what you think of Frometeor in the comments below! Don't forget to like and share this post with your friends!

Much love, HQ

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