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Posted on 26th September, 2023 by Donny Sutherland

This week has been another busy week at HQ. With the community slowly growing and becomming more vibrant, new ideas and suggestions have been flowing in and giving us plenty to do! This week we've mainly been focusing on making some needed improvements to the party system that we added last week.

Before I get into that though, I just want to take a second to thank the community. Although we're small, there's plenty of support and kind words being shared which has really helped to keep me personally motivated, and has also made a really fun place for us to hang out and talk about the game. So thank you!

If you want to get involved with the community, make sure to head on over to our discord server using the following link: (you won't regret it!)

It's Party Time!

So after last week's introduction to the party system, we got loads of positive feedback that we are going in the right direction with the game. The new party system adds the ability to group up with your friends, chat together and ultimately conquer the froggy world together! However, it became clear pretty much straight away that there was something missing. It took a little while to figure out what...

Eventually it became obvious that the party system lacked any real purpose other than to give you the ability to see and chat with your friends in-game. We needed to add something more. The first thing that we did was make it possible for parties to pit themselves against each other by displaying parties in a leaderboard-like fashion. This image below gives you a better idea:

On the left we can see some updates that were made to the party screen. The "All Parties" section now shows the score and ranking position of each party, and the list is ordered by the highest ranking parties. This allows you to see how your party and other parties are fairing against each other, and ultimately which party is the best!

On the right we see pretty much exactly the same thing, but displayed on the live ranking table so that you can see the same while you are playing.

It's worth noting that the score of each party is the total score of all of the party members.

Sharing Is Caring

In addition to the above, we needed to make parties more beneficial to be in so that players would actually want to be in one. After some thought it became obvious that the correct route to take was to make it that party members would share a small percentage of their multiplier and point gains with other party members. Here's an image that shows it in action:

In this image we have two players who are in a party together. We can see the player on the left earning some points and multiplier, and the player on the right being shared some of it. Currently, it works out that you share roughly 10% of what you earn with party members, but that amount is rounded.

This should ultimately make it more beneficial to be in a party, and more enjoyable.

Other Updates

You can find a full list of the updates that were made this week on our public development road-map over on Trello: The list we were working on was 1.22.2. To break it down though, some of the things that we added:

  • Added Italian language support
  • Parties are now available on mobile, although you can only join a party and not create one
  • When killing frogs, you now gain points AND multiplier, rather than before where you would just gain multiplier
  • We fixed an issue with multi-kill messages. After you reach "HOLY CRAP!!!" (7 multi-kills in a row) you will now see random messages that were contributed by the community. There are some awesome ones in there!

What's Next?

Before we start moving onto clans and new game modes, we're going to make a few more improvements to current features, in particular the new chat system. Since we're no longer just using emoticons, the way chat is displayed needs some work, so we'll be focusing mainly on that next. You can see a full list of what we've got planned for the next update in the 1.22.3 list on Trello.

What Is is a fun, casual & competitive online game that you can play in your web browser and on your mobile. Play with thousands of players from all over the world, all competing to be the biggest and baddest frog in the bog!


  • global leaderboards, along with your own personal "friends" leaderboard. Add an compete against your friends!
  • play online with hundreds of players, with NO LAG!
  • easy & rewarding gameplay with deep meta-game. Play casually whenever you want, or master the game to become the best! Earn daily rewards from completing quests.
  • unlock loads of beautiful frogs. New frogs are added regularly!

Play in your web browser!

Thanks again to everyone that helped us with bug reports and feature suggestions this week. You guys are AWESOME! Make sure to share this with your friends and family to help spread the word, and as always if you have any comments leave them below!

Much Love, HQ

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