- 2017 Christmas Update: Franta and Farting Frogs!

Posted on 26th September, 2023 by Donny Sutherland

2017 has been a pretty interesting year for us! After releasing our first ever game, there have been a lot of ups and downs, mostly though it has been a very enjoyable experience and from it all we have met some amazing people, including the members of the community! So, to celebrate we decided to do something interesting for the Christmas update! Here's a little video showcasing what is in the 2017 Christmas Update:

Franta, the kind-hearted festive frog!

Firstly we want to introduce the newest member of the family, Franta! Franta is an incredibly kind frog. We found him climbing down the chimney at HQ, trying to deliver flies to the frogs that have been good throughout the year. Luckily there are no badly behaved frogs here, so all of the frogs are now fat and merry!

As an additional little thing and a thank-you to all of you for sticking around and playing our little game, Franta will be delivering all of you 2500 free coins in time for Christmas! 

Franta is our third community designed frog. He was designed by LiamK, and you can see the original design here:

Add styling to your name!

We also added the ability to customize the colors and styling of your in-game name using html-like syntax as shown on the left. This allows you to set the color of the text and also use bold and italics styling. You can view more information about the formatting and how it works over on unity's rich-text editor documentation here:

The syntax used to display the name in the image on the left, for example, is this:

<color=orange><b>[DEV]</b></color> donny<color=red>pwnz</color>

Farting Frogs!

We are most proud of this addition to the christmas update: farting frogs! The basic idea is that in stead of the usual tap/click to jump your frog normally, we've added the ability to double tap (on mobile) and right click (on the web version) to make your frog fart, and propel them forward at the cost of some of the flies that you have collected. This feature adds many new options for gameplay, including:

  • is your multiplier running out? No problem! Fart some flies out and eat them (yumm yumm!)
  • chase down and run away from enemies easier
  • feed your friends and party members (this will later become a very useful feature when we start working on the health mechanics)
  • are you frustratingly slow? Fart out some of your flies to reduce your size and increase your mobility

All-in-all, farting adds a whole new layer of strategic options for players that want it. It's also super fun to use, and absolutely hilarious!

What's next?

For those of you that are part of the community, you'll know that we have started putting time into the development of a new game, Race Stars, which we hope to be releasing early in 2018. With that being said, we're still keeping a large amount of focus on so that we can continue to improve the game and add in features that you guys have all been asking for. We haven't forgotten the numerous requests for game modes, and in fact the next few steps that we are taking (including the recent addition of farting) are all in aid of adding the ability to support more content within the game.

Ultimately, within the first half of 2018 we are aiming to have the new health mechanics implemented, along with the following:

  • Obstructions such as stones, walls and logs
  • Bushes that you can hide in
  • Clans, along with clan quests and clan tournaments
  • Territorial control, including a new mother frog that you have to protect to guard your territories and much, much more! (still needs a lot of fleshing out but it's very likely this will happen!)

A massive thanks to you all!

Again, 2017 has been one hell of an eventful year and we have met some amazing people. definitely couldn't have come as far as it has already without you guys supporting us with your motivation, feedback and other things such as helping us with translations and other ideas. You guys are awesome and I really hope that we can continue to make an awesome game for everyone, together!

What Is is a fun, casual & competitive online game that you can play in your web browser and on your mobile. Play with thousands of players from all over the world, all competing to be the biggest and baddest frog in the bog!


  • global leaderboards, along with your own personal "friends" leaderboard. Add an compete against your friends!
  • play online with hundreds of players, with NO LAG!
  • easy & rewarding gameplay with deep meta-game. Play casually whenever you want, or master the game to become the best! Earn daily rewards from completing quests.
  • unlock loads of beautiful frogs. New frogs are added regularly!

Play in your web browser!

So from everyone here at HQ, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Here's to an awesome 2018!

Much love, HQ

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