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How To Improve The Retention Of Your Game

Being a part of a number of Facebook groups and forums where developers share advice and feedback, one of the questions that was asked re... (read more)

Created 6 months ago - 2017 Christmas Update: Franta and Farting Frogs!

2017 has been a pretty interesting year for us! After releasing our first ever game, there have been a lot of ups and downs, mostly thoug... (read more)

Created 11 months ago - The Party Just Got Better!

This week has been another busy week at HQ. With the community slowly growing and becomming more vibrant, new ideas and suggest... (read more)

Created 1 year ago - Come Join The Party!

This last weekend we implemented our first-ever community-driven feature: parties and chat. This marks a pretty big stepping stone for us... (read more)

Created 1 year ago - The Community Awakens!

As we said this time last month, is now at a stage where we can really start listening to the community and also start looking ... (read more)

Created 1 year ago - New Species Discovered: Frombie! Halloween Special!

Here at HQ we have been getting ready for a very spooky Halloween. Some of you may or may not know that just outside of the HQ ... (read more)

Created 1 year ago - Multiplier Madness!

Over the past few months, things have been calming down quite a bit at Jadoku. is finally starting to run smoothly on all platf... (read more)

Created 1 year ago - Notification Nightmares!

Since a recent update, some of you have been letting us know that you have been getting excessive notifications on the mobile version of ... (read more)

Created 1 year ago - Now Available on iOS!

For many months now, many of you have been asking us when the game will be available for iOS users as up until now it was only available ... (read more)

Created 1 year ago - New Species Discovered: Frometeor!

It was a quiet night at HQ. The crickets were chirping and the nightly birds were keeping us awake with their enchanting melodi... (read more)

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