Displaying posts within June, 2017 - New Spooky Species Discovered: Frantom!

Spooky Footage Caught on CCTV!With our heated expedition to a local volcano and Frolcano joining the family, we decided to take it easy ... (read more)

By Donny Sutherland 7 years ago, Join The Family

A Family Friendly Frolic!From day one, we wanted to be all about the fun and family-friendlyness. This lead us to introduce fea... (read more)

By Donny Sutherland 7 years ago - New Species Discovered: Frolcano!

After the appearance of Frosty a few weeks ago, many of us at HQ were getting a bit chilly! So, we decided it was time to heat... (read more)

By Donny Sutherland 7 years ago - review our new online mobile game for a FREE reward!

What Is Looking for Reviews and Gameplay Footage!Since launching on the 13th of May 2017, we've received an overwhel... (read more)

By Donny Sutherland 7 years ago - So... Why frogs?

Why Frogs?When we were trying to come up with an interesting premise for our first game we had a few things in mind: It should be a massi... (read more)

By Jake 7 years ago

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